Our business : the search and recruitment of talents.

The classical recruitment’s methods present some limits to recruit specific profiles (domain experts, niche sectors,… ) or top management positions.
Recruiting may seem easy. Recruiting the right person fall under a deep work more than a simple research of Cvs in one click.
For more than 15 years, our headhunting boutique tests and develops new approaches for the recruitment of talents in France and international with a simple objective :

 identifying and recruiting the right candidates

This purpose expects an agile methodology anda specific mindset. Here is our methodology for each new recruitment process :

Phase 1 : Definition of the need

A recruitment is above all a matter of meetings ! The first initial contact allows to discover the global need of a new client. However, only a real business meeting could really launch the recruitment phase. This exchange of co-construction is scheduled to define the need’s specifications and to advise you in the execution of your recruitment’s strategy.

Defining explicit specifications

The specifications will resume the position’s profile, the personality of the candidate, the issues of his or her future professional challenges and the expectations of the company about his or her soft and operational skills.

Understanding the implicit

This business meeting also aims another goal : getting to know you. A successful recruitment involves a shared view of a candidate and an employer on the same challenge, the same values and generally, the same ways of working. The first business meeting and all the exchanges that come out of it are the occasion for our consultants to feel all the implicit criteria of your search of new talents, to introduce you the best candidates.

Phase 2 : Search strategy

We are developing a search strategy for each mandate : definition of the targeted companies, identification of professionals matching the expected profile, of networks which are giving us complementary information about the market, recruitment with a direct approach or through the recommendations of our professional network…
To get in touch with the most promising candidates is generally quite traditional.
A first call of the identified candidates is made by an experienced researcher, followed by a more detailed interview with the consultant to confirm the selected profile(s). This phase is also suitable for recommending and “selling” the project to the future employees. As soon as we enter in contact, our headhunters are doing their best to stimulate their interest and motivation.
À In the case of a confidential search of talents or sensible data, the candidates are inviting to sign a confidential agreement before pursuing the recruitment’s process.

Phase 3 : Candidates’ evaluation

The face-to face interview of the pre-selected candidates with the consultant is a very privileged moment. This exchange allows us to validate the skills, the know-how and the soft skills of the candidate.
It also allows us to precisely measure his expectations, his fit with the company’s culture and his willingness to be involved in the proposed challenge.
Within the scope of international recruitment or promising profile abroad, this meeting is conducted by video conference, by taking into account the time difference. So, no track is ruled out when it is about identifying and recruiting the most promising talents for your development.

Phase 4 : Presentation of the best candidates

For each presented candidate, we hand a complete file over to the client presenting the career path, the motivations, and the candidate’s main strengths for the expected position.

Reference check

We make, if possible – and with his agreement – the reference check of the finalist candidate.

    • – The credentials check allows to validate the skills and the potential of the talent.

    • – This inquiry is the only way to collect the opinion of his former line manager, HR manager or operational on the important elements of his path and personality.

    • – This phase also allows us to control the statements of the candidate about his whole professional career.

    • – Sometimes, the credentials check allows us to discover unexpected talents linked to the experiences of a high potential talent, especially some forms of situational intelligence.

Personalized follow-up of the candidates

We follow the candidates and support the client step by step all along the selection process. Both parties are personally informed of the progress of the recruitment process in each phase. When a candidacy is refused, the reason of this refusal is explained. This delicate step, although necessary, highly improves the employer brand.

With this tailored approach and the full respect of the clients and candidates, FL Executive Search establishes a climate of confidence and encourages the communication between employers and future employees, particularly in the context of recruitment with strong strategical issues.

Support and coaching

The candidates are sometimes hesitant when they are facing an unknown environment. Recruitment includes a strong dimension of advice, for the candidates as well as the companies. Our consultants don’t usually force the candidates. On the contrary, we encourage helping the decision making in full transparency for both parties. When a candidate signs with you, it is in complete transparency. He knows the terms of his assignment, his new challenges, his chances of career advancement and what you are expecting from him.

Our consultants advise you in each phase of your recruitment process. If you wish, they can also be present during the final negotiation with the chosen candidate and support you to facilitate his integration in your company.


Phase 5 : Follow-up of the recruited candidate’s integration

Only time will validate if a recruitment is successful, but this success can be facilitated by an appropriate onboarding process.
To help the new talent to find its place among his new position, a good integration phase is crucial. We handle the follow-up of the candidate chosen by the client during its trial period, by organizing regular meetings with him / her and the client until its validation. Thus the new talent can reveal all his potential.