For more than 15 years, our headhunters have developed an agile and specific approach to detect, evaluate and recruit the best multicultural talents in France and internationally.
When your development starts to go beyond the national frontiers, implementing an international recruitment strategy becomes inevitable
François Lebailly, Head of FL Executive Search

Three levels of recruitment for your development

Whatever you are searching for a candidate for one of your French subsidiary or your new geographical coverage on the 5 continents, FL Executive Search supports you in your international recruitment process.
With FL Executive Search, the recruitment method is completely customized to each project of talents’ search.


Recruitment in France

Search of international candidates for a recruitment in France

The international profiles and talents are key assets for businesses. The candidate does not only have to be bilingual or trilingual, but more multicultural, which means aware of the codes of different countries and being able to adapt to every new situation.
Diplomacy then enters into the vast field of interpersonal skills, expected for the selection of the best candidates.
To identify these sought-after talents, our headhunters are listening to new markets (generally in your business sector, but abroad), developing an international know-how and using a proven methodology on the 5 continents.
The interviews with the identified talents in Saint Petersburg, Berlin or São Paulo are conducted by video conference in English.

Recruitment process in English

“Fluent English”, “professional English required”… Even in France, the job advertisements of executives and experts’ positions require almost all a fluent knowledge of Shakespeare’s language.
After a deep analysis of your needs, our researchers and consultants are conducting their recruitment process in English from start to finish if necessary. So they can proceed to the selection of entirely fluent talents, since the first phone interview.

International search of position

The launch of a brand or a branch in new countries supposes a precise knowledge of its culture and its codes. So it is essential to identify and recruit talents aware of the cultural, legal and economical environment of those countries.
During these high level recruitment missions, our headhunters focus their efforts on few senior executives and domain experts with high added value : candidates who talk the same language as your partners and clients.
This same language is used from a linguistic, technical and cultural point of view. The candidates must be capable to answer to all the future strategical issues of their next professional challenge.

Creation of a subsidiary in France

Setting up business in France is a strategical step for the companies or groups who wish to accelerate their growth in Europe, or globally, internationally.
The set-up of a subsidiary or new offices lead the management to take up new challenges. One of them, probably the most crucial, is to hire a good team who will be able to create and develop the new French business.
FL Executive Search then proceeds with a global approach. First, we will identify the future CEO France, capable of leading a national branch on a day-to-day basis, as well as understanding and adapting the Group strategy to the French market. FL Executive Search will then advise him to build his team of senior executives (sales manager, HR Manager…) to match with your criteria of recruitment and of course, to encourage the team cohesion : keystone of your success.

Our international partnership

As a search boutique in Paris working on international mandates, FL Executive Search has created a solid partnership in place with a recruitment firm based in Europe, Africa and America :

Consulting firm specialized in Executive Search and located in London since 1973, Cripps Sears leads search of talents internationally in the fields of energy, infrastructure, maritime, digital and more widely of industry. The Cripss Sears’ offices are also located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Lagos (Nigeria) and Houston (United States) for a worldwide coverage.