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François Lebailly, Founder of FL Executive Search”


Being a headhunter is above all, taking the time to really analyse your needs, identifying the good profiles, approaching the “hidden talents” and recruiting the best candidates.

Executive search

The most coveted candidates are almost invisible and impossible to reach with a traditional approach. The recruitment of senior executives or experts is a demanding job but fascinating, which demands a tailored direct approach, a deep work and a personalized follow-up of each candidate.

Recruitment firm in Paris

Finding the right profiles in Paris or Worldwide to manage successfully the clients project on the long term without multiplying CVs and candidates. FL Executive Search encourages proximity and availability of its consultants over the quantity of presented candidates. Our goal : contributing to the meeting of a firm and its future executives, in Paris as well as in the entire world.

The right need,
the right candidate.

Beyond a CV and a job description, it is essential to take the time to really understand your needs, your issues and your environment to identify and find the right candidates : those who will support your growth and support your project as well as your values.

We advise you in finding the best talents in every moment of the life of your firm :


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They trust us

They trust us

A solid and successful methodology.

Far from one-shot recruitments, FL Executive delivers a tailored approach, unique for each client. The search of the candidate starts with a deep study of your need : what are your expectations and the issues of this assignment ? What challenges the future talent will have to to deal with?
This strategical phase is the guarantee of a successful recruitment. This is the crucial phase to identify, attract and recruit the right candidate for your firm.
Agility is also at the heart of our methodology. It is quite impossible to recruit the best talents by strictly executing an addition of predefined procedures. So, our approach opens new doors. It allows us to detect and recruit special talents, almost undetectable for anyone following the traditional ways.
Flexibility, innovation and availability are the keys to your success.

More than 15 years of experience for our clients’ growth.

In recruitment and headhunting, as well as in many other fields, the expertise and know-how come from experience. For more than 15 years, we face the same challenges as you : development of the firm, research of new clients, making a profitable business.
In an economic environment evolving very quickly, it is essential to take the time to analyse and really understand each project, to select the future senior executives and talents of your company.

Each recruitment is strategic for your growth. Entrust this assignment to those who share your vision, your issues, your values and understand your corporate culture to ensure the success of your recruitment.
François Lebailly
Sara Knight

Identifying the talents all around the world.

In a worldwide economy, the issues of recruitment go from now on beyond the frontiers of France. The best candidates are not all waiting for you in Paris ! To find the right people, our headhunters don’t hesitate to extend their horizons.
In an international context, multicultural profiles can be a major asset for your company. Our consultants support you in your search of high potential candidates and advise you to recruit those who will support you through your growth, wherever you are.
The search of profiles abroad is also possible. You are opening a new business in Dubai, Dublin, Saint Petersburg or Houston and would like to keep this information confidential ? Ask for the best of our consultants in all discretion.